The 100 Billion Meals Challenge
World Hunger is Out of Control

Global hunger and food security are now at a breaking point.

The Rise in Global HungerIn 2017, when David Beasley was appointed executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme, 80 million people were experiencing acute hunger. That number jumped to 135 million in 2019, 276 million in 2020 during the pandemic, and has now risen to more than 350 million. In addition to the 350 million people in acute hunger and the 50 million on the brink of famine in more than 45 countries, more than 800 million people are experiencing chronic hunger.  They don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
350 Million People Experincing Acute Hunger




Acute hunger is the most extreme form of hunger and often in connection with crisis.

810-850 Million People Experiencing Chronic Hunger




Chronic hunger is long-term or seasonal malnourishment.

50 Million Close to Experiencing Famine




Famine occurs when

As dire as those statistics are, the repercussions of global hunger and food insecurity are equally daunting and do not stop at starvation and famine. As the crisis of hunger and food insecurity intensifies and is predicted to grow at an unprecedented rate, so does the risk of geopolitical instability, mass migration, and food shortages worldwide.

The war in Ukraine continues to have a catastrophic impact with far reaching effects. The lack of grain and fertilizer exports and astronomic price increases will result in rice shortages in China and debilitate small farmers in Africa who are responsible for 70% of the continent’s food supply. In the last 12 months, the cost of fertilizer has jumped 231%. In a world still reeling from COVID-19 disruptions, destabilization and mass migration in Africa, the Middle East, Central America, and Asia will soon begin.

All of these concerning facts are disastrously compounding issues that have existed for decades and brought us to an inflection point, requiring massive action by everyone of us.

Thinking out of the box in a big way

The urgent need for food is unprecedented and the need to create change is existential.

Traditionally, our solutions to hunger and food insecurity have been reactionary – sending food to conflict-ridden areas, providing meals to people who are starving, and being forced to wait until people are on the brink of starvation before being able to prioritize their nutrition. Bringing together high-impact individuals, corporations, world leaders, faith-based initiatives, non-profit organizations, philanthropic foundations, high-net-worth individuals, and the collective general public to create sustainable proactive change is the way to stop the cycle.

The urgent need for food is unprecedented
The 100 Billion Meals Challenge will fund and resource organizations across the globe by partnering with those most proven effective in their areas.

Funds raised will be deployed in two broad categories:



For Short-Term,
Immediate Relief

Monetary Support

Monetary Support

Investment for local development, agriculture, innovation, and infrastructure for long-term impact.
We are looking for at least 100 individuals, institutions, countries, and corporations to lead the charge.

We are looking for at least 100 individuals, institutions, countries, and corporations to lead the charge.

Our partners will be asked to contribute a billion meals each over the next ten years. We are asking a community of others who can help to bridge the gap, to create long term sustainable solutions to address world hunger needs. This can be a billion meals in a year, or a billion meals during the course of ten years, the equivalent of a cash donation of $300 million*, or in-kind donations of a billion meals. In addition to those who can commit to 1 billion meals, there is also a need for sponsorship of initiatives, investment in new innovation and technologies, brand partnerships, general funding, awareness creation, public engagement, and celebrity influencers to help get the word out. Everyone has an essential part to play.

This is not a new charity nor is it a new idea – this is a new, more impactful way to collaboratively come together to mobilize money, messaging, and moments to address an imperative real-world need.

*Based on the blended cost per meal statistics from the top hunger relief organizations in the world, we are calculating a meal to cost around 30 cents.

The Team

The Founding Team came together over four years ago at The Family Office Impact Summit at the United Nations. At that event, Ed Martin, long-time omni win strategist, Joelle Jarvis, executive coach to UHNW individuals, and other participants discussed the vision of a summit to mobilize UHNW people around food. Then, it was only natural to reach out to Tony Robbins for his strategic mentorship given his decades-long commitment to hunger relief. Inspired by this vision, the founding team came together to address the desperate need for food worldwide.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins, Co-Founder
Tony Robbins Ventures, LLC

Joelle Jarvis, Co-Founder
The Mindset Partnership

Ed Martin

Ed Martin, Co-Founder
5th Element Group

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis, Co-Founder
5th Element Group

Advisory Team
Dr. Cheryl Jackson

Dr. Cheryl Jackson
Minnie’s Food Pantry

Roberto Dutesco

Roberto Dutesco
The I Am Wild Foundation

Justin Block
Rubix Foods

Lawrence Haddad
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition


Michael Zhu
Accathon Capital

Carl Zuanelli

Carl Zuanelli
NUOVO Pasta Productions
The International Pasta Organization

robin smith

Robin Smith
The Cura Foundation

Youth Ambassador
Donald Dougher

Donald Dougher
Founding Youth Ambassador

Creative Impact Ambassador

Shawn Pereira
End of Code

Tony Robbins is the nation’s #1 Life & Business Strategist and Peak Performance Expert, a #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, and a Global Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He has been an advocate for hunger relief his entire life, having donated well over 42 million meals from the ages of 17 to 54. In 2014, he launched his commitment to one billion meals, with 100 million meals being delivered each year through his partnership with Feeding America. Having delivered 935 million meals, he is on track to complete his one billion meal commitment by February 2023.

Round It Up America

Round It Up America is helping the 100 Billion Meals Challenge and businesses raise money to end world hunger by offering customers the ability to donate or round up at checkout.