The 100 Billion Meals Challenge
Rising to the Challenge

Monetary donations will be held by the 100 Billion Meals Challenge Fund at Legacy Global Foundation** (Platinum-rated on Guidestar), and will be distributed to top domestic and global hunger relief organizations, incorporating qualifying organizations suggested by our donors – those who rise to meet the moment during specific crises, and those at the forefront of innovation who are disrupting the way we look at food, agriculture, supply chain etc.

**(SDG2) Zero Hunger- The 100 Billion Meals Challenge Fund partners with leaders in the global hunger relief work to activate corporate leaders, inuences, faith-based organizations, corporations, high net worth individuals, and the general public to 1) address the immediate crisis of hunger and food insecurity; and 2) create impactful partners and innovations to set up significant and sustainable systems changes to end global hunger and food insecurity long-term.

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